Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Parenting In Walmart

   You know how employees or fellow shoppers in the grocery store try to "help" you manage your kids?  I know they mean well, but when will they realize that their efforts are futile?  Even if the child obliges to the dear soul, their good behavior only lasts until the stranger is out of earshot.
    Last night I endured another memorable trip to Walmart with my three adorable children.  When we finally reached the produce section (our last stop before the cash register), the older two started pulling the usual sibling act-fighting, tattling, ect...  What I've realized while shopping is that it is way easier to ignore their behavior and keep pushing the cart through the store.  The faster you move, the less people hear.
    One kind employee thought that they would be "helping" by telling my children (in a nice, polite way) to stop fighting with each other.  He acknowledged his futility immediately after by saying, "Wow. That didn't even last the sentence." No, duh.  As we were walking away, the kids started telling each other "I'm going to cut your neck."  My response as I swiftly (well, as swiftly as you can with a shopping cart full of kids) "Yay, violence!"

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