Monday, November 7, 2011


   Last night someone at church asked me if Malachi was our "serious one"....My reply was "we don't know yet" (hello-he's just a baby), but as I pondered this later, I realized that I should have responded with, "Oh, wow! I hope not!"
    In fact, I hope that none of my children become labeled as "serious".  My family is one that loves to laugh and make others laugh.  Josiah (5 years old) has already caught onto the concept of doing things to make people laugh.  Before he turned two, he started "fake falling" just to elicit a jovial response.
   Silliness runs deep in my family's bloodlines, and sarcasm is one of the major arteries.  I tend to find the humor in almost everything (sometimes when I injure myself, we're not sure if I'm laughing or crying- like the time I was working at my friend's infant care center and when I came out of the diaper changing area, a child-height sink took out my leg & I collapsed). 
    If laughter is the best medicine, my family are the doctors that administer it (albeit in strong, unwatered down doses sometimes).  Even though we may not be understood by most people, I don't see the possibility of any of my children being the "serious one".... Amber will prance around funny or put on a silly voice, and Josiah, combining his physical antics with his sense of humor will probably destine him for a career in the circus.....  I'm sure Malachi will catch on soon.

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