Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

   Ahhh....July 4th. The national patriotic holiday commemorating the freedom of the United States.
  Why do I love July 4th?? Is it the fireworks? The excitement? Singing in the Freedom Choir? Even though all these thing are wonderful and certainly add to the holiday, I think my enthusiasm comes from being able to dress up and look silly.  This is the only holiday where you can look as ridiculous as you want, and as long as it's red, white, and blue, you get a free pass!
  This year has been more exciting for me, because Josiah (who has a sensory-processing-disorder) let me spray-color his hair and paint his face! Last year it was a struggle for him to allow me to draw a simple flag on his cheek.  This year, he asked me to do his hair and face!  Albeit, he didn't allow much, but it's progress!
   Amber was more of a sport, and she dolled herself up with all kinds of red, white, and blue jewelry.  I take a special pride in dressing up for July 4th, especially since I'll be singing in the Freedom Choir again this year.  We'll be performing in about an hour, so I need to hurry up with this post. Hubby has instructions to record the program so I can post it to youtube (, so we shall see what happens. Last year the camera supposedly wouldn't work, so we're hoping it does this year!
              (shhhhhh!!!! the mask is a suprise for Christina!!!! she probably won't sing with me again, tho...)
aren't they cute??

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