Friday, July 22, 2011

1000 Ways To Die While Running....Well, More Like 4....

    While I was on my daily run this morning, I realizes that there are many ways I could die while running the trails behind my apartment complex.  The first one that crossed my mind actually took root last week-part of the trails that I run on are under these enormous power lines.  Since I take water on my runs (not to mention a high percentage of our body is made of water), I face the risk of being violently electrocuted if one of those line should happen to collapse on me.
     Another possible horror I face is being mauled to death by black bears.  I'm not sure if there are any lurking in the secluded woods where I run, but this type of bear does not take "playing dead" well.  They don't wait around for their food to grow cold before chowing down. Note to self: I must find bear mace.
   Last year there were mountain lion sightings in our area.  This too is a reality that I face as I run.....and I am sorry to say, but I am not physically capable of out-running one of these.  Even if I did manage to out-run one, where would I lead him? To civilization where he could maul countless children and not-so-quick adults to death?  Let's just hope this scenario never occurs.
    I have instructed hubby to question my whereabouts if I am not home within an hour of leaving the house for one of my runs.  I also use a phone app while running that has a gps tracker which I'm hoping the authorities can tap into (hey, they do it on TV all the time!).  A fourth scenario of my untimely demise is a vehicle collision.  There is nothing substantial separating the biking-running-walking-let-your-dog-poop-all-over trails from the actual road.  Cars and trucks fly down the hills and I've witnessed some illegal ATVing back there.  It wouldn't take much for one of those vehicles to veer slightly off course and take me out.
    So as you can see, not only am I bravely risking my life every morning for a run, but I've been watching too many episodes of "1000 Ways To Die"...

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