Thursday, June 16, 2011

Truck Lesson (Formerly "Jeep Lesson")

  This week my driving lesson was forgone in favor of teaching Josiah how to ride a bicycle with no training wheels.  Instead, I am spending the week looking up instructional videos on youtube about manual transmissions.  What I have discovered in my quest is that a large portion of these vids have been done by highschoolers as a project for a class or graduation.  Although some of the videos were done just to get a grade, the majority of them were done well.  It amazes me that these "kids" are pretty proficient at driving a stick shift and have the capacity to explain it so that I can understand it.
   Other instructional videos are done be Europeans because apparently they don't use automatic transmissions.  I found it really hard to watch these videos because of their accents and the colloquialisms used. However, I do feel more prepared for my next lesson.  I asked hubby how many more lessons he thought it would take until I felt comfortable driving stick, and he said 10.  With one lesson a week, that's 10 weeks!!! Hopefully I won't burn the new clutch out by then, but we shall see....

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