Thursday, May 5, 2011

Night-time Feedings

     As most of you are aware, newborn babies usually need to eat every 2-3 hours.  This includes the passage of time that adults dedicate to sleep.  Our 2-week old has been very generous at night, giving us four hour stretches in between feedings.
     Hubby doesn't know this yet, but I've not had to wake up in the middle of the night for the past few evenings because I have a system going.  See, our agreement is that since Daddy tends to stay up late at night, while he (Daddy) is still awake, it is his duty to care for baby.  Beyond that, I've asked him to handle just one night-time feeding, which he has been doing without complaint.
     Now, I wake up early in the morning so I can bond with my coffee, exercise, and accomplish things (like this post) before everyone else rises.  Since baby is sleeping longer stretches at night, I wake JR for the first feeding, and then the next one doesn't occur until I am already up (and hopefully partially caffeinated).
    So should I be sharing in this nightly task?  Should I feel guilty for not losing some sleep?  I view it as necessary bonding time for the two of them, especially since Daddy works about 10 hours a day and Malachi sleeps for a large percentage of his. 
    Our hope is that Malachi will continue to lengthen his sleeping periods during the night so the night-time feedings will eventually disappear.  But, we shall see what happens ;)

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  1. DEFINITELY KEEP SLEEPING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN...Your body is still recovering and you are exhausted as it is from life in deserve this guilty pleasure for as long as it lasts!!!