Friday, May 13, 2011

Invisible? Or Just Forgotten?

   So I've been attending this ladies' Bible Study on Wednesday nights... We're going through a great book by Angela Hunt.  One of the weekly topics she focuses on is invisibility (the feeling of, not the super hero kind).  She asks the reader if they have ever felt invisible, like no one acknowledges her accomplishments or existence.
   Even though I have identified with the subject, I think that I feel more forgotten than invisible.  You know how you see someone in Walmart and they don't recognize you; or you were the only one in the office who didn't get an invite to your boss' surprise party; or the phone tree skipped your house...
   The first incident that I remember started in Pre-K...The class was going on a field trip to the zoo and my mommy signed up to be a chaperon (she was wearing a white and black striped dress and held a white wallet/clutch thingie)!  The teacher organized the kids by first calling up the individual children whose parents were chaperoning.  Then she continued grouping kids with adults.
   What I remember doing was sitting at the long table, on the verge of tears with my head in my hands....then, the infamous words were uttered by the teacher: "I'm sorry, Michelle, I forgot you"...
   A prior incident had occurred in my family, but the details are sketchy and supposedly "missing" from the memories of the perpetrators involved.  It took place not far from where we lived at the time...My dad had taken us kids to the McDonald's down the road, and when it was time to walk home, he left one of us there.  He claims he can't remember which child he "accidentally" abandoned, but I'm pretty sure it was me.
   Now even though I have made peace with my "forgotten" status, it still stings a little when I am not remembered.  The study from Angela's book helped me to realize that God sees me though, so the next time I run into someone in Walmart who doesn't seem to recognize me, I can smile, because God remembers me ;)

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