Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Am Her, She Is Me

   I've admitted that my blonde-haired, blue-green eyed 2-year-old princess looks like me.  In fact, she looks nearly identical to photos of me from my childhood. My 4-year-old also has my blonde hair and blue eyes...but yesterday I saw myself in Amber.  I'm talking about her physical appearance.  It's more than that...
    It's the way she won't do something just because you tell her to, or you tell her not to and she'll do it anyway. I see it in they way she's a klutz...not just the fact that she is, but the way she is.She has this very unsafe habit of not watching where she is going, and often times she ends up walking into a wall.  Monday she didn't get her shoes in time for me to put them on her, so she was riding in the car shoeless. By the time we had reached our destination, she had taken off her socks, so she ended up walking across the parking lot and into Walmart barefoot, but it didn't seem to bother her. 
    As I was watched her walk around the store, it hit me-that little blonde-haired, barefoot girl is me.  Her impulsive, rebellious, free spirit is mine.  She seems strong, but knows her limits.  She seems independent, but only when she knows she is being watched.  She wakes up most mornings as happy as can be.  Deep down, she is shy and afraid of being alone.  She does not realize how strong she really is and that she needs reassurance from no one.  She is me. 


  1. It's always entertaining to read your blogs, you're such a good writer. But this is my absolute favorite one you've written...I love how you finished with a phrase you used at the beginning...loved it all!!

  2. Thanks!!! "I blog so that others may laugh"