Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Continuations of the Jeep Saga

   For those of you following my Jeep saga, we had lesson #3 last night.  I'm not sure if it was bravery, insanity, or hopelessness that drove him to this, but hubby decided my lesson would be on the highway. To Walmart.  I did not think we were going to survive. 
   Thankfully we live in a small town with little traffic, so there were hardly any cars around us as I practiced my "clutch-shift-gas-scream-clutch" technique.  Last week I was releasing the clutch too fast...this week I was too slow....when the Jeep bucked, the found it funny, I was scared, and hubby was silent.  At least the shocks are still good.
   Somehow, I made it the 3 miles to Walmart without managing to stall the poor Jeep.  I even made it past the stoplight & into the parking lot where I managed to park it!  However, I was too shook up to drive back, so JR took the reins. 
    During the five minute trek, I learned how to shift gears quickly while accelerating.  This lesson endured its fair share of screams ("JR! What do I push??", "Clutch first, or brake?? Clutch first or brake??", "I gotta slow down!!!", "We're not gonna make it!!!"...) but I totally forgot to pass out earplugs beforehand.  Even though the passenger seat remained quiet during most of the trip, my wonderful backseat driver kept yelling at me to "push da clutch down". 
   I think this whole experience has made my husband glad that he never aspired to be a driver's ed teacher.  On the other hand, I have been surprised at how much patience and restraint he has shown. His poor Jeep will probably never forget this experience, and I know I won't, either. 

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