Saturday, April 2, 2011

Too Much Caffeine? ...I Think Not...

    As I sit here writing this, I'm drinking a Starbucks mocha frapp...the kind you buy off the store shelves and refrigerate.  This is what my morning brew (formerly 24oz+ of a brewed dark roast, sweetener & creamer) has been reduced to-one 9.5 oz glass of shelf-stable java.  Yes, I am aware of the daily recommended caffeine intake for pregnant women, but it seems like the more children you have, the less important the recommendation becomes.
   During my first pregnancy, I respected this rule and cut out all caffeine (except the occasional Dr. Pepper).  When we were expecting child number two, I limited myself to 8 oz of cappachino every morning.  However, these past 9 months have seen everything from cappachino to actual coffee to shelf-stable frappachino...A few weeks after we discovered I was pregnant, I couldn't handle the smell or taste of coffee, so I made a half hot chocolate, half cappachino drink.  Eventually I dropped the hot chocolate from the mix, and introduced a small amount (8oz or so) of Mountain Dew in the evenings.
   Through the winter months I was able to handle the taste of regular, caffeinated java with my usual sweetener & creamer.  After my long bout with pneumonia's my tolerance for coffee dissipated, but an ice cold frapp has been easily tolerated. 
    The fragrance of a fresh brew stirs up a longing for a nice hot cup, but the taste holds no appeal for me.  Soon I will be able to embrace my abandoned friend and sip my favorite elixir once more.  For now,  I must be satisfied with my cold frapp and memories of what used to be....
    Check out my friend Steve's site dedicated to photos of coffee:



  1. Came to a dark realization not too many weeks ago. Symptoms: exhaustion and a splitting headache at 10 A.M. Diagnosis: forgot my morning cup of coffee. Cure: just the smell of java started relieving the headache, and after a few sips, all was well. Conclusion: I (and you, apparently) am a coffee addict.

  2. I prefer the term "enchanted", lol...however, I'm not physically addicted to caffeine- I just need it ;)