Monday, April 18, 2011

This Monday Morning

    Well, it's Monday...Its been a busy weekend, with 3 Noteables performances (its me 2nd season with this all-female community choir), 2 birthday parties and a church service. 
    I took the kids yard-saling with me for the first time Saturday morning.  There were only two in town, so alot of people showed up to both.  This was good exposure for Josiah with his crowd issues, and he behaved really well-instead of screaming, he started asking if he could go back to the vehicle.  (I do admit that I bribed the children with donut holes....)
   Now I'm sitting on the couch, finishing up my morning java and updating my blog ;)  I'm also organizing my coupons from the Sunday paper and while writing my grocery list.  Josiah is at preschool and Amber's been entertaining herself (and me) in the living room.  Apparently her volume control button is stuck on extra-loud this morning and I've had to endure about ten minutes of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" at the highest possible volume.  I never knew nursery songs could actually grate on the nervous system. 
    Now that I can upload videos from my phone to youtube, I created my own channel: .  This will be filled with random videos of the kids, my activities (i.e. Noteables performances) and anything else I decide to upload.  Have a great week!

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