Thursday, April 21, 2011

Malachi's Story, Part 2

    I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for me & the baby throughout these past 10 months (40 weeks=10 months).  God had a reason for leading you to pray when you did.
    After the EMT's arrived and clamped off the umbilical cord, they loaded the baby & I onto a stretcher, then into their ambulance.  Right before they closed the doors, JR finally arrived.  He left our kids with our friends & followed us to the hospital.  When we arrived at Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center Malachi & I were brought straight up to the Family Birthing Center. 
   The Dr. and nurses assessed our situation and decided that Malachi needed to be put on oxygen.  Since he didn't have enough when he was born, he wasn't filling his lungs up as much as he should.  He remained under a special "bubble" for the first 9 hours of his life.  His bubble kept the oxygen humidified (I cannot remember why this was important). It was hard not being able to hold him during that time period, so I was really grateful when they placed him back into my arms. 
    His next hurdle was eating.  Due to his circumstances (the nurse also suctioned alot of fluid out of his stomach twice), he wasn't encouraged to eat/suck right away, so when he was finally free of his oxygen entrapment he had a hard time adjusting to eating.  We gave him a pacifier to encourage the sucking reflex, and a few hours later he took a bottle, but he wasn't eating as consistently as he should have been.  Eventually he picked up on the idea of eating every 3 hours and stayed consistent throughout the day and evening.
    Finally, they released us Thursday morning and we made our way home, which is from where I am typing this ;)

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