Thursday, April 21, 2011

Malachi's Story, Part 1

     So, is it weird that I want a picture of my friend's toilet?  I guess I should preface this story with the fact that my husband & I have known Mike & Christina for about 4 & 1/2 years now.  We started off as neighbors, and have grown as close as family members.  We've shared many memories since we first met and God has intertwined our lives over the years so we stay connected.
     This story started on Tuesday morning, April 19th, of 2011.  I woke up around 7a.m. and noticed some contractions.  Due to my previous encounters with them during this pregnancy, I tried my best to ignore them.  Later in the morning I went over to Mike & Christina's house.  I was still experiencing these annoying pains, but they weren't consistent with the "5 minutes or less" standard that Dr's and hospitals want. 
    Since it was a nice morning, we spent some time outside, allowing the kids to play in their backyard.  About quarter till noon, Christina suggested that we start timing the contractions again, for about 20 minutes.  This seemed reasonable (remember, I was dreading going to the hospital only to be sent home again) so I concurred.  However, at 11:49 I experienced a contraction so intense that I knew it was time to head for the hospital.  The duration of it was about 2 minutes & I remember yelling for someone to call my husband (he was with some other friends at the time) & that I needed to go to the hospital NOW! (I kept screaming and shouting through the pain).
   After the pain subsided, I told my friend that I couldn't wait for JR to arrive & that her husband would have to take me...but first, I needed to go pee.  I also asked if it was ok if I screamed in her bathroom.  Thankfully, she said "yes". 
     As I sat down to pee, all of a sudden, I didn't have to go anymore-instead, I could feel the baby coming!  So, I shouted for my friend & her husband, shouted that the baby was coming, shouted to call 911, shouted that the cord was wrapped, shouted "save the baby!", and I just kept shouting... Christina dialed 911 & Mike entered the bathroom with towels just in time to catch the baby as he popped out!  We sat there stunned at the situation.  Christina and I had joked earlier in my pregnancy about how if I happened to have the baby at home, we would get Mike to deliver (she's not good with blood & things of that nature)...We didn't think it would actually happen...but God does have a sense of humor ;)
    Thankfully, Malachi arrived without the cord around his neck and he cried right away.  The paramedics arrived shortly afterwards to sever the cord (which was super-gross, by the way) and transport the baby & I to the hospital.  Christina clocked the baby's cry at 11:56, which means there was only a 5 minute window from the intense backyard scene to when Malachi cried for the first time.  By the way, his name means "angel".

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  1. Okay, I cried and laughed reading this. Congratulations on surviving and having your wonderful boy. :)