Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 3 As a Family of 5

   A few days ago, little Malachi popped into the world, adding one more to our family of four.  As I sit on the couch typing this, he's nestled in a blanket cocoon on a Boppy pillow right next to me.  Sleep consumes most of his time, but this will soon change. 
    We know it will take time for Josiah and Amber (especially her) to adjust to our newest member, but so far things have been going rather well.  On Malachi's first night home, Josiah pointed to the extra bed in his room and asked if baby Malachi could sleep there.  Amber keeps asking to hold him, and somehow, both of them sleep through the baby's night-time cries (I think they learned this skill from their father). 
   Right now the majority of Josiah & Amber's attention is focused on each other (taking toys, fighting, screaming...), but every so often they do come and give their little brother gentle pats and make "aw" sounds.
   It's funny how even children think that babies need to be quiet, and every time out little one cries, they feel the need to alert Mommy.  Josiah does his best to shush him verbally, and this morning when Malachi cried, his older brother told me it was because his diaper needed to be changed.
   One day little Malachi will be able to join them in their play-time fun & not-so-fun (hitting, fighting, yelling), but for now they seem to enjoy him as he is- quiet and sleeping.

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