Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yes, I am aware that it has been a few months since I've last written.  We've been busy since January started, including flying back east (while 7mos preggo) for a funeral & visiting the hospital for a nasty bout with pnuemonia.  Once baby arrives I do plan on getting back to writing more, if not daily then at least weekly.
The kids are doing great- Josiah's loving school (he goes 3x's a week) & his weekly speech therapy appointments (she's been taking him swimming recently-he LOVES it!!!).  Amber is acting like a normal independent 2 year old who hasn't quite got the concept of pooping on the potty.
Hubby started a new job this year-they just opened a Rent-A-Center in our small town & he is currently an assistant manager. He's working more hours a week, but he still gets two days off & the store closes earlier than his previous job, so it all balances out.
With baby due in less than 6 weeks we're keeping pretty busy ;)

with my mom & the kids in January

our family Christmas pic

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