Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Labor Or Not, Here I Come

   Apparently my last blog posting was not too clear-we are choosing between the two listed names, not looking for more suggestions. That being said, we have had a pretty eventfull weekend/week already.  Saturday I went to the hospital thinking the baby was coming.  I started feeling my belly contracting Thursday night, and Saturday afternoon pain started.  My last labor was pretty quick, so after timing the contractions for an hour, we went to the OB ward. 
   The nurses monitored me for a few hours, but at 8p.m. decided that I was not in "active labor" (dilating 1 cm every hour) so I went home to wait.  And we waited.  The contractions hadn't stopped, only the pain had.  Pain has been coming and going in gentle waves since Saturday, and last night (Monday) it intensified and remained consistent.  So, after timing things again for four hours, we made our way to the OB ward again.  This time they kept us for about two hours before deciding that my body still wasn't ready to give birth yet.  Talk about depressing!
    I feel like this kid is playing with my mind!  I was assuming this labor would be faster than my last without considering the possibility of it actually taking longer.  When we left the hospital last night (well, early this morning) that I told my husband in my frustrated and depressed state of mind that I wasn't going to come back.  I was going to have this baby at home (or wherever I am when he decides to pop out).  Needless to say, this idea does not sit well with hubby & he's determined that I will make it back to the OB ward in time, but we shall see what happens.

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