Monday, March 7, 2011

"It's Not Fair"

     So over the past few years I have known some families that have experienced what I refer to as "it's not fair" deaths.  The people who left this world were "too young" to die and the families weren't prepared to suffer such a deep loss.  Well, now it's my family's turn to deal with an "it's not fair" death.  My uncle, who wasn't even 60, passed away this weekend leaving his wife, daughter & other family members & friends devestated.
     I have so many memories of what this man was like when I was growing up-his sense of humor, his cooking (he made the only scrambled eggs I would eat), and all the times we would spend together as a family.  This shall all be greatly missed.
     Rationally, I know that we all have an appointed time to die, but the pain is so raw when you're unprepared.  My grandmother passed away two months ago, but it was something we've been expecting for a while.  It hurt, but we were prepared.  This recent death was a surprise. No warnings.  It shocked us all.
     What's hurting more right now is the fact that I won't be able to be there with my family during this time of mourning.  I'm stuck 1800 miles away because I'm super pregnant (due in 5 weeks) & not in the best of health (getting over an insane bout with pneumonia).  My family knows where my heart is right now, and I guess that's what counts. 
     It's not fair that my uncle will never see his daughter get married.  It's not fair that he won't see her graduate college.  It's not fair that he won't be around for future family gatherings.  It's not fair.  It's not fair that God took him before we were ready to let go.

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