Friday, March 11, 2011

Dead or Alive?

    Guns do not play an important role in the lives of my family members.  We are not a family of hunters or law enforcement and I have never been to a shooting range.  I'm not even sure what a safety on a gun is, or how to use it.  My son does not own any toy guns and he does not pretend to play with them.  (Now, I do not see the harm in owning a gun {in fact, we have one}, we just haven't had the opportunity to use them.)
     These reasons are why I cannot understand where my two-year old's recent actions towards me have stemmed from.  A few days ago, she took a piece of yarn, wielded it in both hands as if it were a gun, pointed it at me, and said something in a threatening tone.  I cannot remember her exact words, but I do remember the look of ill-will on her face. 
     Thinking it was a one-time incident (and hilarious), we didn't talk about her actions.  About two days later, she pointed a crayon at me (right in front of her daddy!), looked very determined, and said "boom, boom".  I guess what disturbs me the most is the way she giggled afterward.  Is she really intent on offing me with live ammo?  Am I in danger of being gunned down by a seemingly innocent two-year old? Why isn't my husband taking this as seriously as I am?  It appears these questions (and more) will plague me for some time....Until then, I shall keep a close eye on my would-be assassin and continue to act aloof to her insidious plans....

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