Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Randomness

     So, I've decided one of my Top 5 Temporary Cures for Depression is: doing something totally silly & changing your home answering machine to the clip from Elf, "Buddy the Elf- what's your favorite color?"  Hey, its December, so a Christmas inspired message is the fun part is waiting to see how long it will take hubby to far I've got a good half hour...
     Our "usual" v-mail is a long, drawn out monologue in my husband's voice which includes all of the service times for our church (our home number is the church's too).  Despite numerous complaints from friends, we've kept it...and kept it...and kept it... So, I took it upon myself to change it (and it took me quite some time to actually figure out how to change the recording) and hopefully enjoy it for a few days.... (Hey, he hasn't found out about my snowboard yet, so we'll see how long it takes him to get this one).
    The kids loved watching me record the exact phrase off of "Elf" and enjoyed hearing it on the phone speaker. Thankfully my kids don't have the vocabulary to accidentally tattle on me & my husband isn't fully facebook literate ;)


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