Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Verbally Challenged, Anyone?

     My 3 year old may have told his first lie today!!! I am so excited!!! (wait...what?)
     No, we are not teaching bad morals in our family...we are teaching our son words.  We have spent almost two years dealing, coping, figuring out, and working with our wonderful son and his speech delay.  His coping mechanism came in the form of screaming.  When he wanted something, he'd scream; when he was agitated, he'd scream.  When he was scared, angry, or happy, he'd scream.  Even when he has to go potty, he'd scream.  (Our coping method with that was earplugs.)
     We taught him ASL (American Sign Language), but he would only use the signs when he verbalized the corresponding word. It seemed for a while that after he "mastered" a word, he wouldn't say it again.  He said the word "cow" for two days. That was it. By last summer, he was able to verbalize (with one word) what it was he wanted. It's a year later (he's still not where he should be in verbal development), and now he can actually tell me something that happened! (well, his view, anyway) So whether or not it was a lie (no valid witnesses), I am celebrating the fact that he actually told us a "story".  He told us his viewpoint of a situation that happened earlier in the day and I am so proud of him!  So judge me if you must, but my son can talk to me!


  1. We've been going through similar speech problems with Bryn. We definitely need to get together some time! -Liz

  2. Wow, Michelle, I didn't realize he wasn't talking all the way. Did you have to learn the sign language completely or just main words? So glad he is talking!

  3. @ Barb, yeah we didn't realize it till the dr. told us when he was 2....i thought that since he made "car sounds" he was more advanced than kids who could talk, lol.....as far as ASL, i watched "Signing Time" videos with him for months...but he wouldsn't use any signs (i would use them)...so i stopped using ASL & about a month later he did the sign for "milk"...he almost died that day....lol ;)