Monday, August 16, 2010

"Underwear, Potty Chair... I'm a Big Kid Now..."

   It's that time of life again!  Time for my 2 year old to start learning how to use the toilet... Unfortunately she has not been too cooperative... She hates sitting on the toilet and I think she has wet her pants 3 times in the last two hours that she's been wearing "big girl" underwear... The reason I say "think" is because her wet underwear and puddles on the floor did not smell like urine... It was odorless (I'm not sure about taste because I am not that brave) and colorless...
   My first potty training experience was when my son turned one.  I was very naive (read one too many "my kid was potty trained at 6 mos" blogs) and started on his first birthday.  About two weeks later I gave up.  My next attempt was when he turned two. I gave that two weeks as well before throwing in the towel. We next tried when he was 2 & 1/2.  Nothing.  After he turned 3, we tried again, this time with my husband at the controls. It worked (sure it took him two months to do a #2 on the potty, but hey, it worked!)!
   So, we will be spending the next few weeks showing Amber the ropes of toilet training and determining whether or not she is ready yet ;)

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