Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Amber Turns 5!

     It seems that I end up blogging about Amber every year on her BDay. And it's here again. Yes, today's her BDay, but we had the cake & candles last night & no mishaps (you know-like last year...when she almost didn't turn 4)!!! Here we are, all the way in Alaska, with few new friends and we successfully pulled off her 5th Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese with 5 adults and 9 kids!
    In April, Amber had her "last round" of immunization shots before preschool. Then we moved to Alaska. Turns out, there's one shot her & her siblings never had because it wasn't required in CO (I guess it was optional??). It's required here, or kids can't be enrolled in school. So, we went to get Josiah & Amber more shots (this was after telling them they didn't need any more shots for a few years. Oops.) Josiah took his like a champ (Okay, so they let him play his video game, so he barely flinched, sensory issues & all). Amber wasn't as....tough... about it? Her waterworks started way before the nurse asked her to sit on my lap. She started screaming & crying while she was watching (that's right, just *watching*) Josiah get his done. she continued her death-wail during her shot (which I had to clamp her flailing limbs between mine for) and for what seemed like forever afterwards. It was a long car ride home.
    She survived. We survived her tortuous wailing. And she turned 5. Five years ago she popped on out and the doctor came into the room just in time to catch her...and drop her on the bed. Oops. (Trivia- she shares a birthday with my mom!)
       Well, this morning my mini-me climbed up into my bed after she awoke (she sleeps on the floor right next to me. I'm kind of surprised I haven't stepped on her yet!) and I told her she was now five years old. She turned to me and asked "Am I getting another shot?" That was her Birthday-morning thoughts. Shots. Pain. Wailing. Well... at least she's not on fire, right???

Monday, August 19, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway with CHill Thoughts

       Gooooooooooooood Morning!!! My friend Cristyl over at CHill Thoughts is hosting a giveaway for Woolzies Dryer Balls. These are not the ones that you soak the sponge interior and place inside a plastic ball & it makes a ton of noise when your dryer tumbles. These are different. 100% natural & made of 100% wool. I now use these dryer balls (actually you can use them in place of dryer sheets too!) and am amazed with the results! I don't think I'm ever going back to my plastic dryer balls again! (Okay, so I only use two in my dryer, even though the package says to use all 6, but they still work amazingly!)
      The best part about this giveaway is that you can enter it here! On this page!!! (Giveaway ends enxt Monday, so hurry!!!)

Laundry Day Giveaway 8/19 – 8/26

Hosted by: CHill Thoughts

Co-Hosted by:

One lucky winner will win ONE box of WOOLZIES - 6 handmade woolen dryer balls ($34.95 Value)

Details: – Worldwide - Ages 18+ – Open August 1912:01am to August 26 11:59pm - All entries are optional

Disclosure: LaVidaDeBlondieChellis not responsible for prize.
If you have any question please send an email to mychillthoughts@gmail.com.
All entries are optional.  Winning entry will be verified.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

7 Kids Math

         We're living in a small house with our friends, and there are 7 kiddos total. Jumping from 3 to 7 kids 24/7 is a bit much for some, and here's a list of things I've discovered that 7 kids equal. Enjoy:

                         7 kids = making them take turns pooping so whoever's been stinkin' up the living room can stop.

                         7 kids =  21 meals + 14 snacks daily

                         7 kids =  the cleaning never stops!

                         7 kids =  toys. all. over. the. place.

                         7 kids =  The Neverending Story- Laundry Edition

                         7 kids = "Who got poop on the rug??"   "Not me!"x7

                         7 kids =  "We have too much toilet paper! Who's not wiping?!?"

                         7 kids =  not enough hours in the day...

                         7 kids =  not enough sleep

                         7 kids =  no hope for sanity
          What do your mathematical child equations look like??

Monday, August 12, 2013

Party of 11 in Anchorage Part I

      Yes, we are those crazy people who follow God no matter how crazy or scary it is (seriously. when's the last time you packed up and moved 3200 miles away with no reasonable explanation??). I know it sounds "sign-them-up-for-a-mental-institution" but God hasn't backed out on us yet, so we have no reason not to trust Him.
        You think your life is fun? Try sticking four adults and seven kids in a 1 story, 3 bedroom house. That is life as we know it in Anchorage right now. If you haven't been paying attention, God called us to Alaska, along with our friends. She, I + 2 minions flew out, then a few weeks later the hubbies & rest of the clan drove up. They got here at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.
      Apparently the vacancy rate here is low, so finding affordable housing is also difficult. We had been staying in a hotel until Friday when we moved into this house (just in time for everyone else to join us!). God worked it out just in time (like always, right??) so we wouldn't all be squished into two hotel rooms. The house we're in is for sale, so...we know God will work something else out (right?? right??).
         Now, the living room & kitchen are a bit bigger than what we had in CO (we rented from the same landlord) but we're all sharing one bathroom. Yesterday I felt like Kate + 8 as I was herding the kids to get dressed & fed (I'm a morning person, so I don't mind doing the early a.m. stuff, but going from 3 to 7 kids is a lot). We also went food shopping. At Sam's Cub. And we're hoping it lasts at least a week.
          5 out of 7 of the kiddos get to start school in the next few weeks. We're trying to get one kiddo enrolled in a preschool and little Malachi will be hanging out with whichever adult isn't working or in class.
           We're working on a menu and chore chart. Any tips or suggestions for living as a large clan in a small house? Comment below!

Monday, August 5, 2013

"Fun" Things For Kids To Do In A Hotel

Here is a list of "fun" things the kids have been doing in this little hotel room (it's "European-style", so the room is only big enough for 2 beds, a table, a fridge, some shelving and....a nightstand. the kitchen & bathrooms are outside of the rooms and shared). We let the children bring toys, but they seem to let their imagination conquer all:

    1. Throw toys out the window (we're on the 2nd story and have bay windows-both of the side windows swing waaaaaaaaay out & there are no screens. #notsafe)
    2. Pretend the tv remote (that works 25% of the time) is a baby and use dollar bills and wipes as blankies
    3. Climb on suitcases to reach food.
    4. Amass a collection of rocks during our walks, then pretend they have "families" and put them to bed in Mommy's bed (not my child.)
    5. Wrestle on the beds
    6. Fall off the beds (they have perfected this skill)
    7. Jump on the beds
    8. Take "field trips" to the kitchen and dumpster.
    9. Play "dead" in the elevator
   10. Walk around in circles in the elevator (who needs amusement parks?? You get the same "Ugh. I gotta puke" feeling afterwards!)

Fun stuff. And now you know why my sanity is dwindling.